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Junior Department

A comprehensive curriculum aims to instil the love of dance through technique, drama and musical exercises, teamwork and collaboration. The department is designed for students ages 3 -16. Each student is required to take a minimum of 2 classes weekly and will be provided with the option of taking additional tutorial sessions. Emphasis is placed on classical ballet, modern dance, hip hop, jazz, latin fusion, african and afro-caribbean in rotation. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in master classes, bi-monthly retreats and work from home with their individual handbooks. This program focuses on producing exceptionally poised young dancers with a basic knowledge of choreography and develops strong performance and artistic skills. 

We will be using names for each of our Junior Department classes. As we aim to provide a fair and fulfilling experience for all, the classes will be considered first by age and second by ability so that each child gets the attention they require at their level. Throughout their first month with us each child will be assessed and class placement may be reconsidered.

We chose some of the most POISED BIRDS to represent each stage. The groups are as follows:

Peacocks: Intermediate A
Flamingos:Intermediate B

Company Ensemble

This is a pre-professional dance company for teens and adults (17+) with emphasis placed on modern dance, jazz, contemporary caribbean and afro-caribbean forms. Dancers will receive training from local and regional practitioners. These dancers will also be trained in choreography and performance so to produce leaders in dance within the federation. Dance experience required. Each member is required to take a minimum of three classes per week.​​

Aerial Silk

This is one of the most awe inspiring and versatile aerial art forms which will be taught using aerial fabric hanging equipment. Individuals will be trained to meet the high degree of strength, power, flexibility, courage, and grace to required to master the incredibly demanding art form.

Dance Divisions

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