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About Poise SKN Institute of Dance

poise 1 |pɔɪz|

noun [ mass noun ]
1 graceful and elegant bearing in a person: poise and good deportment can be cultivated.
     • composure and dignity of manner: at least he had a moment to think, to recover his poise
.2 archaic balance; equilibrium. the balance has passed the point where the spring is in poise.


be or cause to be balanced or suspended: [ no obj.]:  he poised motionless on his toes | [with obj.] figurative:  the world was poised between peace and war.
     • (be poised) be ready and prepared to do something: [ with infinitive]:  teachers are poised to resume their attack on government school tests.


We have a Vision to foster a greater appreciation for and excellence in fine arts to produce well rounded leaders within the Federation.


It is our Mission to expand the reach of dance through research, teaching and service in order to enrich the lives of our students, inspire and encourage a demeanour of excellence that transcends all aspects of their lives.