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Why are there Poise SKN Institute of Dance classes twice or three times per week?

To excel at anything, more time spent would yield great success. Although dancing 2 hours and 15 mins to 6 hours weekly does not solely guarantee achieving excellence in dance, it’s a stepping-stone towards students acquiring discipline and time management skills. It is also essential to fostering a greater appreciation for the art of Dance. 

Can my child or me start a class mid-term?

No. Students may never begin or be enrolled in classes the Institute of Dance in the middle of a term. Once the term has started students revise previous material taught and is taken through quite a bit of dance material. A student starting mid-term will see them starting at a disadvantage and will require extra paid lessons. Students may register at the end of each term. Students may only be enrolled at the beginning of a new term, if there is space available in their class.

When is payment due?

Fees must be paid on the 30th of each month for the month ahead. For example, Fees for January 2017, must be paid on December 30th 2016.  Late Payment of Fees will now attracts $5 each day payment is overdue.

If there are more or less classes does the fee for classes change?

No. Fees remain the same no matter how many more or less classes there are in each month. No request or payment being made for half of a month will be accepted. 

Are parents allowed into the studio while classes are in session?

No. Parents are not allowed in the studio to sit in or observe classes.

If me or my child misses a class, can he/she make it up?

Yes. Students may pay a small fee to have a make up class or any extra classes in the form of small group tutorials (4 to 8 students) and one-on-one tutorials to help with any improvement in the art form. However, students missing 3 or more classes consecutively without excuse will be automatically expelled from our programme.

Why do I have to register online? Can’t I register in person?

Poise SKN prefers digital applications as we can easily track and receive application information via the online form. We also try to keep paper distribution at an all time low.

Do Poise SKN sell merchandise and attire for dance classes?

Yes. Poise SKN sells class leotards and tights for Junior Department. We may also be selling new dance shoes and jazz pants on behalf of parents. Poise SKN merchandise such as bottles, tote bags, hats, pins and t-shirts are also available for sale.

Why are students participating in body conditioning or cross fit training?

In any physical activity students will be required to develop endurance, strength and flexibility. Body conditioning and cross fit training encourages the aforementioned and is very integral to our programme as it helps to achieve excellence in dance.

How can I ensure that my child or me excel at Poise SKN Institute of Dance?

To excel at Poise SKN, it is very important to be punctual and present. It is equally important to practice at home and have the necessary dance attire as listed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)