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Business & Social Etiquette Skills Training

The BaSE Project 

There are many real life examples that illustrate the need for Business and Social Etiquette (BaSE) skills. These skills are needed to improve efforts to connect with others or to enhance professional image to be successful or more successful in jobs. Just doing your job in our competitive, global business environment isn’t enough. You need to stand out - in a good way. You want others to see you as a competent, credible, and a responsive individual.
In today’s fast-paced world, these BaSE skills can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. But without them, an organization may lose business, colleagues may lose respect for you and bosses may never promote. Your behaviour and intelligence determine where and how far you will go in life.  These skills are often more or sometimes equally important as ones abilities to get the job done. Being aware of your personal brand is a conscious effort in order to meet the new demands of our society.

The BaSE Project focuses on teaching Business and Social Etiquette skills to help people understand how they should present themselves in the workplace to advance in their careers. It comprises of informative content and practical recommendations geared to organisations and an individuals professional life with many ideas that can help in personal lives too.
The topics discussed are rarely covered in our schools but so essential that they will help anyone to establish relationships easily, dress professionally, use social media successfully, speak assertively, and make presentations competently. It’s all about preparation, presentation and poise.

Our Seminars

Be the Best In Business 

Wine & Dine Like A Diplomat 

Dress for Success

Work The Room: Networking 

Build & Maintain Your Virtual Relationships: Social Networking 

Tattoos & Technology: Communication

Manners for Children & Teens: Everyday Manners 

Customize It! 

​We offer customized solutions for corporations who desire a higher level of business etiquette intelligence.

Schedule one seminar, or schedule several seminars for a minimum of two hours to a full day of invaluable business etiquette training for the professionals in your organization. Our audiences range from new professionals in the workplace to seasoned executives.